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Pop Joy Cards

Holiday Pack: Special Pack Volume 1

Holiday Pack: Special Pack Volume 1

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Whats up with this Pack?

Get your Christmas cards now! Get prepared and get ready to hand them out during the festive month! We've got our top three designs in this pack and are excited to showcase these to you first.  Shipping is FREE on all Christmas Packs! 


What does this Pack include?

Get 5 unique cards in this holiday bundle!

Here is what's included:

1 Reindeer in the woods pop up card: The Season is here, and the reindeer have come out to play! A stag and doe come together in this elegant card with fir trees and snow around them. This detailed card comes in red with a colourful interior.  

1 Santa on Reindeers pop up card: Santa pops up on an intricately crafted sledge with gifts with four reindeers. The sledge is intricately crafted with exquisite detail. The sledge and the reindeers are crafted in white paper while Santa rides in a lush red.

1 Christmas Bells pop up card: Rock someone’s Christmas with this jingle bell card. This simple but intricate card has a beautiful white arch with red and white Christmas bells and a green “Merry Christmas” sign flowing across the arch.

1 Holiday House pop up card: Get away for the holidays! This card is crafted with a red and white house beside a beautiful Christmas tree.

1 Christmas Tree Decorating pop up card: The family card! This card is an accurate depiction of how families setup their Christmas Tree. The card opens up to a Tree with the Parents decorating the tree while the kids run right around.

All 5 cards are 4" by 6" and made entirely with 100% recyclable material.



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