Markham Home For the Holidays: PopJoy Review

Markham Home For the Holidays: PopJoy Review

Markham Home for the Holidays Review

This past weekend, we had the opportunity and pleasure to be at the Markham Fair. The Home for the Holidays fair has been happening for 29 years. The fair brings people from all over Canada, as far as BC!


The fair was a three-day event starting on Friday at 9 am. As we arrived early on Friday morning, we were excited to see the line-up of customers patiently waiting to get into the fair! The fair has tons of old and new vendors who are promoting all sorts of items from glassware to garlic sauces to cards. ;)


Best Part of the Market: Our booth was right in front of Pauline's Glassware. Pauline has such an inspiring story, as a retired school teacher who had taught PhysED for 30 years. Pauline had been fascinated with glasswork since she went to the University of Toronto's downtown campus and was amazed by the glasswork on St. George Street. As she was close to retiring, she felt she needed to take a few classes to understand the art itself and after a few classes, she was hooked! She makes all the products in her house and is a self-claimed glass addict. It inspires us to meet such entrepreneurs who follow their passion, regardless of what stage of life they are in.


The Markham fair is catered to an older demographic all around Ontario. We had a blast being at the fair and spreading the joy with everyone. The best part of the fair were the faces and expressions people made upon opening each card.


Next up: Streetsville Market on Saturday. It’s an outdoor one so we are preparing to wear our mittens and hats. Brrr, the season is upon us!
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