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Nestled amongst Vietnam’s rich, cultural heritage, is the city of Hội An, which translates to “peaceful meeting place”. It’s a small city that’s big on tourism, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since it’s an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port. When we were visiting Vietnam , we couldn’t help but be fascinated with the bustling entrepreneurs, diligently selling their unique products from the sidewalks of Hoi An. The pop-up cards did grab our attention the most! They were so beautifully crafted and intricate! We sent the cards to a few friends and family members, including our Dadi (the Urdu word for grandmother) for her birthday. Dadi absolutely loved it! She was amazed at the designs. Grandkid of the century: check!

When we came back, friends and family kept asking us where they could get cards like these. We searched online and in stores but these cards were either limited in design or too expensive to buy. That’s when we decided to start PopJoy Cards and partner with our Vietnamese friends who have been in this business for a long time. This way we could learn from them and share the same joy these cards brought to us over to this side of the world.


Pop Joy Greeting cards


PopJoy Cards was born in March 2016 with an idea to Express the Unexpected. Greeting cards are an unexpected gesture of appreciation or add an extra touch of sentiment to gifts. We’ve found people still love giving and getting cards – especially with the unexpected factor. Each card is designed with care, so that when you open it, your loved one is surprised and thrilled to see such delicacy and finesse.

We can’t wait to spread the joy and Express the Unexpected with you. Click here to browse through our selection of cards for every occasion. And while you’re at it, say hi to us on Instagram (@popjoycards) or email us at hello@getpopjoy.com