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Mothers Day Whale Pop Up Card


SPECIAL: We'll mail this card out with your message to your mother!  

* Just type your message upon checkout and note your mothers address as the shipping address. We'll take care of the rest! (Mothers Day is May 14, so give us a day to mail it out) 


Whats this card about?

The Friendly & lovable mammal in the ocean, This 3D card was designed specifically for Mothers Day and the relationship a child has with his mother. Two whales designed with the momma whale elevating the younger one as such in life!  

Deeper Thoughts

Did you know that despite their fierce name - Killer Whales (Orcas) are really mama's boys! Actually studies have shown that having a mom nearby for many whales increases the child chances for survival. We wanted to have card that was different than the regular human interaction and looked to the Whales to provide us that inspiration


The card is 4" x 6" and is made entirely of 100% recyclable paper. 

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